Time and Tide, Sydney, in situ 2013Time and Tide, Sydney, in situ 2013Time and Tide, Sydney, in situ 2013Time and Tide, Sydney, in situ 2013Time and Tide, Sydney, in situ 2005

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Every universal body is in constant motion that is governed by an individual heartbeat with its own rhythm. The pulse of the heartbeat can be measured mathematically and subsequently, each mathematical sequence becomes a system for understanding the relationship of the human being to the greater universe and to time itself. Our moon, as it orbits the …

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Venetian Tsukimi is an arresting, complex piece, intriguing for its originality and mystery. It comprises of sixteen Murano glass spheres, progressing from pure crystal to solid black and representing the phases of the moon. The full grandeur of the spheres is revealed on repeated viewing, with the layers of silver leaf and crystal gradually revealing …

Time and Tide (wait for no man), Westfield, Sydney

(installation in collaboration with Andrew Crick)
Art Consultant: Sally Dan-Cuthbert
Installation: JP Morgan, Grosvenor Place, Sydney, Australia

This permanent installation was created for J P Morgan, Sydney. The sculpture’s underlying concept is the significance of the nature of time, of the passing hours, days and weeks in any given month, to those who work within a corporate culture. Representing 16 lunar phases of half a calendar month, Time and Tide (wait for no man) attempts to reawaken the viewer to the moon’s powerful influence on our daily lives, rhythms, and emotions. It traces the waxing and waning of the lunar phases from full moon to new moon in a spiral formation; the symbol of continual renewal.