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2010 MIND & MATTER, A 15 Year Survey

Drill Hall Gallery, The Australian National University 27 May–4 July 2010 Curated by Glenis Israel This survey exhibition covers 15 years of creative endeavour in a variety of media and forms by major Australian artist, Marion Borgelt, demonstrating her innovative approach, yet solid grounding in personal ideas and concerns. There is a unifying order and …

2016 Memory & Symbol: 20 Year Survey

EXHIBITION: 20 year Survey Exhibition, Newcastle Art Gallery 2016 Borgelt’s lexicon is a plethora of materials, symbols and motifs that speak a secret code: a literal and metaphorical portal to another world and consciousness. They evoke primordial notions of human evolution from a cellular level and more grandiose notions of the expansion of the universe …

Primordial series