Personae Suite: Nos. 1-17 Personae Suite: Nos. 1-17 Personae Suite: Nos. 1-17 Personae Suite: Nos. 1-17 Personae Suite: Nos. 1-17 Personae Suite: Nos. 1-17

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2016 Memory & Symbol: 20 Year Survey

EXHIBITION: 20 year Survey Exhibition, Newcastle Art Gallery 2016 Borgelt’s lexicon is a plethora of materials, symbols and motifs that speak a secret code: a literal and metaphorical portal to another world and consciousness. They evoke primordial notions of human evolution from a cellular level and more grandiose notions of the expansion of the universe …

2010 MIND & MATTER, A 15 Year Survey

Drill Hall Gallery, The Australian National University 27 May–4 July 2010 Curated by Glen Israel This survey exhibition covers 15 years of creative endeavour in a variety of media and forms by major Australian artist, Marion Borgelt, demonstrating her innovative approach, yet solid grounding in personal ideas and concerns. There is a unifying order and …

Personae Suite

This series was exhibited at Sherman Galleries, 2000 (Fade to Red); Newcastle Art Gallery, 2003 (Hourglass); Australian National University, 2010 (Marion Borgelt: Mind & Matter, A 15 Year Survey); Newcastle Gallery, 2016 (Marion Borgelt: Memory & Symbol, 20-year Survey)


Borgelt easily swings between two and three dimensional expression, at various times this has taken the form of transforming found objects as with the bottles of Hourglass Suite 2003 and Bottled Histories, 1998 – 2000 or with her Orchestres des Promeneurs, 2002 where she has playfully chosen a grouping of the humble male shoe. Here she synthesises the metaphor of ancient symbols and iconic patterns with the transformation of the mundane leather object with wax and paint.

The Personae Suite is another example of her sculptural arrangements. They continue the idea of the vessel, explore the duality of surface in the use of dark grained wood and her bright lustrous red inner wax coating and are thus a link through their materiality and form to concepts expressed in other works.

Glen Israel, 2010