Cascadence, Barangaroo

A kinetic sculpture suspended in a 3 storey atrium on levels 44-46, Tower 1, Barangaroo, Sydney

Taking the overall form of a droplet, the cascading network of orbs is a cadence of rotating colour. The droplet is captured the moment before it falls into the void, suspending time itself. The installation references the gravitational forces acting upon the droplet, and ideas of weight and balance which have long been elements of artistic representations of justice.

(Cascadence, kinetic view, click here to view full size video)

Cascadence, 2018
mild steel, stainless steel, polyurethane, acrylic, motorised elements, mirrored plinths
10.36m x 7.8m x 90cm

Design Collaborator: Caroline Comino
Elements: Box & Dice
Motors: Machineability
Industrial Designer: Andrew Crick
Structural Engineer: Richard Green
Mechanical Engineer: TILT
Photography: Michael Nicholson
Client: Baker McKenzie


Click the followings to view more videos of this kinetic installation:

Video 1: Cascadence, 2017, kinetic view (16sec, Quicktime preview)

Video 2: Cascadence, 2017, kinetic view (50sec, Youtube hi-res)