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Strobe Series

The Strobe works are abstract large-scale paintings referencing waves of bending, twisting light whose vivid bands of colour are a contrast to the subtlety of Borgelt’s earlier work. The rich, intense hues bring a drama to Borgelt’s oeuvre while keeping true to the artist’s ever-present concern with exploration of optical effects. The foundation of this …

Macrocosmos Paintings

Karen Woodbury Gallery writes: “Inspired by the artist’s recollection of a song by Van Morrison – a meld between jazz and rock­– the large tableau Moondance extends the artist’s preoccupation with the light, effects and mood of a lunar mise en scène. Shapes float and dance in an eerie, evening twilight.”

Morpheus, Zaha Hadid Morpheus Hotel, Macau

A site specific installation in situ at Melco Crown Resorts, Macau

digital face mounted photographs
130cm x 5m

Art Consultant: Natalie Blair
Digital Designer: Robyn Crick
Fine Art Photographic Printers: Widerhall
Installation: Widerhall
Architect: Zaha Hadid Architects
Client: Melco Resorts

Marion Borgelt completes designs for 52 lift lobbies of the spectacular Morpheus Hotel designed by the late, renowned architect Zaha Hadid and her firm. Based on 3 series of her paintings- Mirror Strobe Suite, Bloodlight Star and Lunar Tango – Marion Borgelt has designed digital face-mounted photographs representing worlds of light and colour overlayed with transparent luminous orbs and beams of light.