Pulse, Canberra, 2001Pulse, Canberra, 2001Pulse, Canberra, 2001

Pulse, ANU, ACT

(Site-specific, sculptural installation in association with Catherine Donnelly for the Gravitational Wave Research Building, ANU, Canberra)
Commissioner: Australian National University, Canberra
Installation: Gravitational Wave Building


Pulse explores the poetic communication and symbolic representation of gravitational wave theory. The title reflects the inherent beat of time, sequence, order and movement.

The overall configuration of the piece is that of a jewel-like droplet whose descent down the face of the host wall gives the impression of a weight falling through space. Its trajectories are marked by elliptical curves that form a mesh-like grid of pathways. Curved shadow lines, formed by linear stainless steel strips fitted into the finished render of the wall, articulate the nature of the grid whose structure is one of hybrid geometry related to fractal patterns in nature.

The points of intersection within the grid are denoted by stainless steel, concave, spherical discs that are embedded into the deep, gunmetal hued wall, creating a relationship between the artwork and the building. Their reflective weight contrasts with the skeletal, linear geometry of the grid.