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Liquid Light

Just like the changing light from morning to nightfall of any day, the Liquid Light works change with the viewer’s movements, each one opening and closing like the pupil of an eye. Every degree of movement reveals yet another image where the game between artwork and viewer endlessly unfolds. ______________________________________________________________________________ ‘A return to the painted …


The moon has a powerful allure, brimming with beauty, legend and myth. Its constant presence reminds us of the heavenly bodies beyond our own planet, the vastness of our solar system and the timeless nature of the world we live in. As it orbits the earth, the moon seemingly changes appearance due to its position …

Liquid Light: Sule Triptych and Lunar Descent Nos. 4 & 5, Myanmar

Commission for Shangri La Hotels hung in the new Shangri La Sule Square complex, a modern commercial development in the heart of the Yangon central business district in Yangon, Myanmar.
Liquid Light: Sule Triptych and Lunar Descent Nos. 4 & 5, 2016
Acrylic with gold tones, canvas, timber pins
160 x 450 x 5 cm