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2022 Melbourne Art Fair

There are several strands of my work in this exhibition that continue my interest in subjects that I have long been engaged with.

My fascination with the nature of time and how it governs our lives and the universe we live in is a subject of continual fascination. In the natural world the passage of time is predominantly characterised by the existence of cycles and repetition where one phase or stage of a living, dynamic entity metamorphoses into another. I have created many series of works exploring the infinitely repetitious nature of time and the universal elements embodying this man-made construct. For example, I have had an ongoing fascination with lunar phases and the powerful effects of the moon on human life.

Mutation, morphology, light, impermanence and incessant change are seminal to the visual language I’ve developed over many decades. Examples of which are visible in Lunar Descent Nano: Ellipse No 1 and Lunar Descent Nano: Ellipse No 2.

Other works that continue an ongoing fascination are from my Florette series. These are Florette: No 5, Florette: Persian Prism, No 1 and Florette: Persian Puzzle No. 1. Such works engage the hypnotic attraction of a mandala using abstract compositions, primarily in the form of a circle or an octagon—for the first time—where dynamic, interlocking forms mimic the repetitive structure of a plant or a shell or the patterns on internal oriental cupolas.