Bloodlight Stack: 24 Leaves Bloodlight Stack: 40 leaves Bloodlight Stack: 80 leaves Bloodlight Stack: 126 leaves Bloodlight Stack Bloodlight Strip: Fig. 3 Bloodlight Strip: Fig. 5 Bloodlight Strip: Fig. 4 Bloodlight Star Constellation No. 3 – in situ Installation at studio Bloodlight Series: Gesture I, Gesture II, Gesture III Bloodlight Series: II, III, IV, V side view Bloodlight Series: II, III, IV, V Boodlight Series: Star No. I side view Boodlight Series: Star No. I Bloodlight Series: Cut and Curl Figures. 1- 6 Bloodlight Constellation (Chicago) Allegoria Exhibition 2002 Bloodlight Stacks 40 Leaves: Figure G Bloodlight Strip: Figure 8 Bloodlight Stack 40 Leaves: Figure E Bloodlight Fan Unfurled No. 1 Bloodlight Strip: Fig. 6 Bloodlight Strip: No. 10

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Karen Woodbury Gallery 15 October – 15 November 2014 The highly acclaimed Sydney artist, Marion Borgelt, will have her first showing at Karen Woodbury Gallery from October 15 – November 15. Full Circle Red brings us visually spectacular works that explore the duality and ever-shifting power dynamics of nature and the universe, through a journey …


The Bloodlight Stack series forms part of a suite of sculptural works that are concerned with exploring the interplay between painting and sculpture through the use of paper. Sheets of paper are painted and stacked in such a way that a sculptural form is created. The backs of the sheets of paper are painted a vivid red whilst their faces are painted matte black, creating a rich intensity and alluding to the complex history of these colours in Asian tradition. Like the petals of a flower, the fanning out of the leaves of paper draw the viewer in to the very centre of the work, as though working with a magnetic pull.