Bloodlight Stack: 24 Leaves Bloodlight Stack: 40 leaves Bloodlight Stack: 80 leaves Bloodlight Stack: 126 leaves Bloodlight Stack Bloodlight Strip: Fig. 3 Bloodlight Strip: Fig. 5 Bloodlight Strip: Fig. 4 Bloodlight Star Constellation No. 3 – in situ Installation at studio Bloodlight Series: Gesture I, Gesture II, Gesture III Bloodlight Series: II, III, IV, V side view Bloodlight Series: II, III, IV, V Boodlight Series: Star No. I side view Boodlight Series: Star No. I Bloodlight Series: Cut and Curl Figures. 1- 6 Bloodlight Constellation (Chicago) Allegoria Exhibition 2002 Bloodlight Stacks 40 Leaves: Figure G Bloodlight Strip: Figure 8 Bloodlight Stack 40 Leaves: Figure E Bloodlight Fan Unfurled No. 1 Bloodlight Strip: Fig. 6 Bloodlight Strip: No. 10

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2014 Full Circle Red

KWG Full Circle Red 2014

Karen Woodbury Gallery 15 October – 15 November 2014 The highly acclaimed Sydney artist, Marion Borgelt, will have her first showing at Karen Woodbury Gallery from October 15 – November 15. Full Circle Red brings us visually spectacular works that explore the duality and ever-shifting power dynamics of nature and the universe, through a journey …


Bloodlight Stack Series

This forms part of a larger suite of sculptural works that are concerned with exploring the interplay between painting and sculpture through the use of paper. Sheets of paper are painted and stacked in such a way that a sculptural form is created. The backs of the sheets of paper are painted a vivid red whilst their faces are painted matte black, creating a rich intensity and alluding to the complex history of these colours in Asian tradition. Like the petals of a flower, the fanning out of the leaves of paper draw the viewer in to the very centre of the work, as though working with a magnetic pull.

Bloodlight Star Series

The glow of stars and starlight within the firmament provides an inspiring backdrop and influence behind the theme of abstract mysticism explored in my Bloodlight Series.

Coloured highlights are dotted and brushed onto a blackened textural surface to create the effects of flickering light, heat and incandescence. These works demonstrate the power of a limited pallet composed of only 3 colours—red, orange and black. The said colours are used to create a glowing rich intensity that focuses on the raised central point reinforcing an interplay between painting and sculpture.