Lunar Ebb and Flow: Nos. 4 & 5 Lunar Descent: No  6 Lunar Descent: No 5 Lunar Circle: Figure. G Lunar Warp: No. 7 Lunar Warp: No. 8 Lunar Warp: No. 11 (night) Lunar Warp: No. 13 Lunar Arc: Figure. D Lunar Circle: Figure H Lunar swell no 4 Lunar Swell No 5 Lunar Descent No 4 Lunar Swell: No. 3 (detail) Lunar Swell: No. 3 Lunar Ebb and Flow: Nos. 4 & 5 Lunar Ebb and Flow: Nos. 6 & 7 Lunar Ebb and Flow: Nos. 6 & 7 Lunar Ebb and Flow: Nos. 6 & 7 Lunar Wave: No. 1 Lunar Wave: No. 3 Lunar Ebb and Flow: Nos. 8 and 9 Lunar Swell: Nine Moons No. 1 Lunar Arc: Gold Eclipse No. 2 (12 pieces) Lunar Descent: No. 3 (Lunar) Ebb and Flow: No. 1 & 3

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2016 Our Turning World

Karen Woodbury Fine Art

EXHIBITION: Karen Woodbury Gallery, 15/09/2016 to 08/10/2016 Borgelt’s works of art are illusive and hypnotic through the play on refraction, light, pattern and the optical. Via an almost cosmological collision of particles on canvas or in sculptural form – Borgelt’s works draw the viewer into the frame. Sarah Johnson The circle is primary. Borgelt treats the circle as a …

2011 Heartbeat 2

Heartbeat 3

Dominik Mersch Gallery 28 April – 28 May 2011 Heartbeat is a more complex exploration of the concepts that have been evident in Marion Borgelt’s previous exhibitions, such as Flux and Permanence and Exotic Particles. The works in this exhibition indicate a more involved exploration of the artist’s interest in time, space and motion. Borgelt’s …

2009 Moonlight in my Veins

Moonlight in My Veins 5

Dominik Mersch Gallery 30 April – 6 June, 2009 Marion Borgelt’s solo exhibition, Moonlight In My Veins, presents a number of new paintings, sculpture and installation works; each providing sensory encounters with light, colour and materials. These include recent pieces from Borgelt’s Liquid Light series, which are cut canvasses, with areas of the pigmented reverse …


The moon has a powerful allure, brimming with beauty, legend and myth. Its constant presence reminds us of the heavenly bodies beyond our own planet, the vastness of our solar system and the timeless nature of the world we live in. As it orbits the earth, the moon seemingly changes appearance due to its position in relation to the earth and sun.

Lunar Swell

Lunar Swell expresses the powerful expansion and contraction of forces of energy in the universe that govern human life, a recurring inspiration in Marion Borgelt’s body of work. These patterns are evident everywhere from tidal ebbs and flows to the temperature fluctuations that create molecular shifts. These phases manifest themselves in nature and organic processes, and also are powerfully apparent in the human cycle of birth and death. Human life originates as a minute seed and expands to full bloom, to ultimately contract to a withered state. Lunar Swell is the sculptural embodiment of these energies that foster life and impose structure on our existence.

Lunar Circle and Lunar Arc

The Lunar Arc wall pieces are comprised multiple units. Installed in the shape of a semi-circle, the arrangement represents sequential movement and alludes to the nature of time itself. It calls to mind the endless ebb and flow of tides, the continual revolution of universal bodies and the state of perpetual motion. The gradually folding forms are supported by black or mirrored circles behind each curved face, giving the illusion of a shadow or a black hole in the wall itself. The soft metallic leaf finish adds an ethereal lightness to the form, providing a delicate contrast.

Lunar Warp

The gently folded, curved forms of the Lunar Warp series plays with the possibility of how the moon could exist if we were to recreate the hidden edge in the crescent moon’s shadow. The sculptural warped curve is complemented with a dark shadow behind suggesting the shape displaced by a full moon.