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2017 Moon’s Ghost

EXHIBITION: Dominik Mersch Gallery 17 August – 16 September 2017. I am fascinated by the nature of time and how it governs our lives and the universe we live in. In the natural world the passage of time is predominantly characterised by the existence of cycles and repetition where one phase or stage of a …

2016 Our Turning World

Karen Woodbury Fine Art

EXHIBITION: Karen Woodbury Gallery, 15/09/2016 to 08/10/2016 Borgelt’s works of art are illusive and hypnotic through the play on refraction, light, pattern and the optical. Via an almost cosmological collision of particles on canvas or in sculptural form – Borgelt’s works draw the viewer into the frame. Sarah Johnson The circle is primary. Borgelt treats the circle as a …


Exhibited in So Near So Far, inaugural exhibition, Dominik Mersch Gallery, Sydney, 2013

Exhibited in A Delicate Balance, Dominik Mersch Gallery, Sydney, 2015