Lune Lumina: No. 1-6 Lune Lumina Lune Lumina (detail) Lune Lumina: No. 8 Luminous Void: No. 14 Lune Lumina: Nos. 9-15 Lune Lumina: No. 18 Lune Lumina: Nos. 9-21 Luminous Void: No. 18 Luminous Void: No. 19 Luminous Void (partial installation View); 245 cm x 750 cm x 11 cm; oil, canvas, timber, 3D element Luminous Void (Installation view)

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2013 So Near So Far

Dominik Mersch Gallery 1302

Dominik Mersch Gallery 17 October – 16 November 2013 Marion Borgelt’s latest exhibition is an exploration of duality and the ever-shifting power dynamics of nature and the universe. So Near, So Far encompasses opposites in tandem, drawing on humanity’s struggle to understand and define the natural world. It is an encapsulation of the artist’s oeuvre, …

Lune Lumina & Luminous Void