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2013 So Near So Far

Dominik Mersch Gallery 1302

Dominik Mersch Gallery 17 October – 16 November 2013 Marion Borgelt’s latest exhibition is an exploration of duality and the ever-shifting power dynamics of nature and the universe. So Near, So Far encompasses opposites in tandem, drawing on humanity’s struggle to understand and define the natural world. It is an encapsulation of the artist’s oeuvre, …

2012 To See a World in a Grain of Sand…

Fehily Contemporary

Glasshouse Gallery / Loft Gallery, Fehily Contemporary 16 August – 8 September 2012 To see a world in a grain of sand……………. continues to mine the rich field of influences that Marion Borgelt has established as her own throughout her artistic career. It draws on the artist’s understanding of time, space and motion as elemental …

2012 Musical Geometry

Musical Geometry exhibition

Turner Galleries 3 February – 3 March 2012 Turner Galleries Press Release Marion has an impressive CV, with this solo exhibition being her 47th, and her third with us in Perth. Her artworks can be found in over 40 international public collections and a further 22 corporate collections. Her work travels seamlessly between the boundaries …

2011 Heartbeat 2

Heartbeat 3

Dominik Mersch Gallery 28 April – 28 May 2011 Heartbeat is a more complex exploration of the concepts that have been evident in Marion Borgelt’s previous exhibitions, such as Flux and Permanence and Exotic Particles. The works in this exhibition indicate a more involved exploration of the artist’s interest in time, space and motion. Borgelt’s …

2009 Moonlight in my Veins

Moonlight in My Veins 5

Dominik Mersch Gallery 30 April – 6 June, 2009 Marion Borgelt’s solo exhibition, Moonlight In My Veins, presents a number of new paintings, sculpture and installation works; each providing sensory encounters with light, colour and materials. These include recent pieces from Borgelt’s Liquid Light series, which are cut canvasses, with areas of the pigmented reverse …

2019 Morpheus, Zaha Hadid Morpheus Hotel, Macau


Commissioned in March 2018 Marion Borgelt has completed designs for 52 lift lobbies of the spectacular Morpheus Hotel whose pioneering steel ‘wrapping’ provides the structural exoskeleton of this architecturally impressive building by Zaha Hadid Architects. Based on 3 series of her paintings—Mirror Strobe Suite, Bloodlight Star and Lunar Tango—Marion Borgelt has designed images for large …

Strobe Series

The Strobe works are abstract large-scale paintings referencing waves of bending, twisting light whose vivid bands of colour are a contrast to the subtlety of Borgelt’s earlier work. The rich, intense hues bring a drama to Borgelt’s oeuvre while keeping true to the artist’s ever-present concern with exploration of optical effects.

The foundation of this body of work is the powerful effect of pairing strident, bold colour with nuanced, delicate shades and the ensuing interplay and contrast. The tension lies in the edges and shifts between these two extremes, where the texture and movement is carefully created.

The power of the works lies in locating the subtlety and detail in the strong, imposing creations.


‘At first glance the Strobe Series 2007— paintings give the illusion that they have been airbrushed or spray-painted but actually Borgelt is displaying her considerable painting skill, gently blending colours with wide brushes creating an optical illusion. They are displaying a recurrence of the painting techniques of the Bloodlight series. The surface pulses with an energy suggestive of surging tidal currents, heart beats, veins throbbing, electric pulses. All of which record the passing of time. They have an illusive quality with their subtle layering or blending of colour, some areas being translucent, while others quite solid. In this series we see an extension of Borgelt’s interest in the power of colour, her earlier signature red and later pale lemon being joined by bold combinations of lime green, purple, rich yellow and pink. Borgelt explores the soft vibrancy of colour as well as the jarring effect of unusual combinations. These works are exotic in the richness of their surfaces, alluring in their darkness as well as their luminosity whilst creating a sense of energy. The Strobe series revisits the exploration of optical effects of The Liquid Light series, only expressed in a different, bolder painterly way.’

Glen Israel, 2010