Tsukimi Slice: Sequence A Tsukimi Slice: Sequence A Tsukimi Slice: Sequence A Moonlight Tsukimi: No. 2 Moonlight Tsukimi: No. 2 Moonlight Tsukimi: No. 2 Tsukimi Whorl: Nos. 20, 21 and 22 Tsukimi Whorl: No. 23 Tsukimi Whorl: No. 23 Tsukimi Slice: Sequence B Tsukimi Slice: Sequence B Tsukimi Whorl: No. 8 Moonlight Tsukimi Tsukimi Slice: No. 2 & Tsukimi Whorl: No. 6 Tsukimi Whorl: No. 5 & 4 Tsukimi Slice: No. 1 Moonlight Tsukimi detail Moonlight Tsukimi detail

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2016 Memory & Symbol: 20 Year Survey

Newcastle Art Gallery

EXHIBITION: 20 year Survey Exhibition, Newcastle Art Gallery 2016 Borgelt’s lexicon is a plethora of materials, symbols and motifs that speak a secret code: a literal and metaphorical portal to another world and consciousness. They evoke primordial notions of human evolution from a cellular level and more grandiose notions of the expansion of the universe …

2012 To See a World in a Grain of Sand…

Fehily Contemporary

Glasshouse Gallery / Loft Gallery, Fehily Contemporary 16 August – 8 September 2012 To see a world in a grain of sand……………. continues to mine the rich field of influences that Marion Borgelt has established as her own throughout her artistic career. It draws on the artist’s understanding of time, space and motion as elemental …

2009 Moonlight in my Veins

Moonlight in My Veins 5

Dominik Mersch Gallery 30 April – 6 June, 2009 Marion Borgelt’s solo exhibition, Moonlight In My Veins, presents a number of new paintings, sculpture and installation works; each providing sensory encounters with light, colour and materials. These include recent pieces from Borgelt’s Liquid Light series, which are cut canvasses, with areas of the pigmented reverse …

Tsukimi Series (Duck Eggshell)

I am fascinated by the nature of time and how it governs our lives and the universe we live in. In the natural world the passage of time is predominantly characterised by the existence of cycles and repetition where one phase or stage of a living, dynamic entity metamorphoses into another. I have created many series of works exploring the infinitely repetitious nature of time and the universal elements embodying this man-made construct. For example, I have had an ongoing fascination with lunar phases and the powerful effects of the moon on human life.

Mutation, morphology, light, impermanence and incessant change are at the crux of much of my work. As human knowledge shifts, so does the material world, with matter constantly engaged in a process of change on every scale: growth, evolution and entropy.


Sarah Johnson curator Newcastle Art Gallery writes:

Marion Borgelt is drawn to fundamental shapes: the circle, the crescent, the sphere, the spiral, the oval and the grid. Diverse as her practice is, there is a common thread in her work—the interplay of polarities—the organic and the man-made, light and shade, the conceptual and the sensual, the cosmic and the primordial, the micro-cosmic and macrocosmic. Her dynamic is derived from the shifting balance of dualities.