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2020 Western Aurora, Pamelia Hilton Hotel, Perth, Western Australia

The genesis of this multi-layered image is the vast landscape of Western Australia surrounded by the Indian Ocean with its powerful canopy of infinite blue sky hovering overhead.

The drifting, transparent layers of the background evoke the magnitude of the Western Australian space, more as a metaphor rather than a direct reference, whilst the orbs of colour act as focal points of radiant sunlight or even possibly star clusters in the western night skies.

The predominance of circle forms might suggest the molecular structure of water, or the setting of the sun on the Western horizon line.

Floating, tantalising, daydreaming—this is an image to encourage reverie.

Western Aurora is an image that hovers between motion and stasis, a glowing yet calm reference to vast spaces of Western Australia.

Title: Western Aurora, 2020
Materials: face-mounted, high resolution, digital print on archival paper, 1810mm x 5385mm

Location: Pamelia Hilton Hotel, Perth
Client: Hawaiian Group
Architects: COX
Photographer: Robert Frith

Production: Gallery 360, Perth

Lobby Rug: Nanimarquina for Mobilia, 2020

5460mm x 7770mm; Hand tufted; 56.000 knots/m2